Turvey Allotments

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Ag Cur, Ag Cothú agus ag Sábháil don Saol

Vegetable & Fruit Advice

Click on the image below to view our information sheets on fruit and vegetables.


artichoke   asparagus   aubergine   beetroot
Artichoke   Asparagus   Aubergines   Beetroot
broadbeans   broccoli   Brussel Sprouts   carrots
Broadbeans   Broccoli`   Brussel Sprouts   Carrots
Chilli   courgette   fennel   French Beans
Chilli Peppers   Courgettes   Fennel (Florence)   French Beans
peas   Garlic   Kale   Leeks
Garden Peas   Garlic   Kale   Leeks
Lettuce   mangetout   onions   parsnips
Lettuce   Mangetout   Onions   Parsnips
potatoes   radish   Shallots   Cabbage
Potatoes   Radish   Shallots   Summer Cabbage


apples   blueberries   small product photo   Pears
Apples   Blueberries   Gooseberries   Pears
small product photo   rhubarb   Strawberries    
Raspberries   Rhubarb   Strawberries